Disoriented is an original concept for iDevices that will be a fun way to challenge your mind and reflexes unlike any platformer you've played before. You'll guide your character through a maze of platforms and deadly objects. Race for the goal to get the highest rating possible! Compete with your friends on Apple's Game Center to see who can set the record for completing levels in categories such as the Quickest Time, the Least Deaths and the Least Rotations. Can you make it to the goal or will you fall off the edge of the world?

The best part is that you'll be able to create your own custom levels using our unique Level Designer; then you can have your friends try to beat them or send them to us for a chance to have them put in our free updates! Every one of our 256 x 256, high-definition custom art resources will be available to you to create your own challenging levels. Our revolutionary dynamic Slide-and-Draw™ technology makes it amazingly simple to bring your imagination to life with the touch of a finger.

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Disoriented's characters are from the talented hand of Michael Cazzarolli

You will have four initial characters to choose from. From the beginning there will be two unlockable characters, with additional unlockable characters available as free updates are released.

Starting Characters:

Name: Michael

Background: Michael loves playing the guitar and always takes it with him where ever he goes.

Name: Robbie

Background: Robbie is the cool kid and knows it. He likes to rebel against authority.

Name: Julie

Background: Julie loves cheerleading and being in charge of the party planning commity.

Name: Kim

Background: Kim loves to play sports, especially softball.

Unlockable Characters:

Name: ???????

Background: ???????

Name: ???????

Background: ???????

The World

The world of Disoriented is a remarkably artistic world created through the eyes of our fantastical artist, Yeong-Hao Han (see his work at

Disoriented boasts ten distinctly different levels, each with a unique environmental theme brought to life by the unconventional use of watercolors.

The Worlds:

Grassy World

Colosseum World

Forest World

Beach World

Volcano World

Starship World

Tundra World

Castle World

Industry World

Sand World


Q: What platform can I play Disoriented on?

A: Disoriented will be available for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

Q: When will Disoriented be available?

A: You should expect to see Disoriented in the iTunes store by the end of January 2011.

Q: How much will Disoriented cost?

A: Disoriented will cost $1.99 in the United States iTunes store, and will be comparably priced in other regions' iTunes stores.

Q: Will there be micro-transactions?

A: No, Disoriented will definitely not have micro-transactions.

Q: Will there be updates?

A: Yes. All updates for Disoriented will be FREE to download.

Q: Will there a LITE version of Disoriented?

A: Yes, Disoriented will have a LITE version, and you will be able to save one custom level.


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